Top 3 Places to Travel to Lihyan in Saudi Arabia

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Travel to Lihyan in Saudi Arabia is a very exciting experience for most of the people who want to see the various places in the country. The beautiful landscapes, exotic beaches, friendly locals and some magnificent sites are among the prime reasons that draw the attention of the tourists. This country has a wide range of activities and attractions that one can visit and enjoy his time with great enjoyment and peace. Some of the places that are worth visiting and exploring during a trip to Lihyan are:

Dharamshala: This place is well known for its ancient temples and monuments. The best time to visit here is during the months of June to September. The adventurous tourist can try trekking up the hill top or can just enjoy the sightseeing around. Dharamshala can also be enjoyed by taking a drive up the desert and looking out at the lovely view of the horizon.

Jeddah: Jeddah is considered the commercial capital of Saudi Arabia. It is the most important place for those who wish to do business in the kingdom. One can get great deals in business from the hotels here. There are various sights to see in Jeddah like Al-Balad, Medina, Madinat Jeddah, City Palace, Al-harb & Fauzi etc. Some of the famous hotels in Jeddah are Hotel Seaview, Jumeria Inn, Madinat Jeddah etc.


Al-Gabel Street: This is a famous street in Jeddah where the people throng in large numbers during the summer season. It is lined with a number of stalls selling different types of local and spices products. The souqs have fresh produce and local dishes all year round. It is also a tourist hub, as the majority of the people travel here to shop for local and international commodities.

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Khoka on Sea: The second largest city of Saudi Arabia. It lies on the Gulf of Aqaba. The coastline is surrounded by Jeddah’s ancient walls and fortifications. Many historical buildings like the Al-Azhar University, Madinat Jeddah and Madinat bin Zayed mosque can be seen here. You will definitely get fascinated by the beautiful white sandy beaches and pristine waters of Gulf of Aqaba.

Dhahran: This city is situated on the western coast. It is one of the major cities for diving and snorkeling. The coast of Dhahran is also known for its coral reefs and mangrove forests. There are many wrecks present in the area which attract lots of divers and marine life enthusiasts. There are also many beaches available for one to enjoy.

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