Yacon syrup is obtained from the roots of the yacon plant which is an ancient plant that grows in South America, although it’s seen its way into farms in other continents recently. It is grown as a tuber like a carrot or a potato and is sometimes tagged as the apple from the ground because of its sweet essence. Pure yacon syrup is produced in a non-chemical manufacturing process from the roots of the plant. The result is a tasty syrup with a dark color and molasses-like consistency.


Pure yacon syrup contains about 50% of a fructan, a soluble dietary fiber, called fructooligosaccharides (FOS) that are fed to the bacteria in the digestive system, the large intestine to be specific. These friendly bacteria are important as they help in boosting the body’s immunity, lowering diabetes risks and brain functioning improvements.

They are able to perform these tasks as they digest fructans in the pure yacon syrup ingested into the system. Don’t worry though, FOS is found in onions, tomatoes, wheat, asparagus, and other vegetables and fruits, therefore, you don’t need to have yacon plants in your garden to enjoy these benefits. It also includes digestible sugars that include fructose, glucose and sucrose and an indigestible sugar called inulin which essentially give the pure yacon syrup its sweet taste.

This property has made it to increasingly become a sugar substitute among diabetics. However, it’s essential to check your blood glucose levels after consuming the pure yacon syrup as it contains simple sugars.

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